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Testing for Asbestos, Lead, & Mold on the North Coast of Oregon 

Who needs awe environmental?



Starting a new project? Call us before you begin demolition to discuss testing needs. Environmental results may impact disposal of building materials with updated DEQ requirements. AWE only tests materials before they have been removed from the home.

Home Owners


Thinking about a remodel, small or large? Call us to test your home to see where you might have hazardous materials, to inform your project planning & budgeting. Any home built before 2004 must now be tested before materials can be disposed of.

Home Buyers


Considering purchasing a home? Hazardous building materials will impact future remodel plans and budgets, and knowing what you're up against gives you negotiating power before you buy.

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Other Construction Services Available

AWE Owner Alan Evans is a licensed General Contractor with years of experience. Contact us below to inquire about other projects such as: repairs, remodels, fences, and decks.

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Email us your project basics and we will call you to discuss what services meet your needs and to schedule testing.

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